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We work with North Node leaders.

In ancient astrology, the North Node, also called the “true node,” represents the individual spiritual purpose you are meant to fulfill.

The North Node is one of two points of the orbit of the moon that intersect with the ecliptic, which is the orbital plane of the Earth around the Sun.

We believe in alignment between your soul purpose and life’s work, and are here to help you get there.

North Node Consulting | Leadership

What is a North Node leader? 

  • Someone striving every day to realize and reach their ultimate soul purpose.
  • Someone who seeks to align their personal calling with their professional lives.
  • Someone who knows that they are most impactful when their work feeds their soul, and they inspire and empower others to do the same.

At North Node Consulting, we work with entrepreneurs and CEOs to create, engage and retain conscious leaders.

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We believe that iron sharpens iron and complacency is the enemy. We are curious, proactive participants in our life, embracing innovation and looking at every obstacle as an opportunity to grow, even if it means failing forward.

Are you looking for a speaker?

The leaders at North Node Consulting have graced stages from Nashville, Tennessee to Kyoto, Japan to Barcelona, Spain, sharing messages of grit, grace and perseverance.