At North Node Consulting, we work with entrepreneurs and CEOs to create, engage and retain conscious leaders.

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Corporate Programming

North Node Consulting offers a variety of programming for individuals and teams.  Fill out our contact form to schedule your 30-minute consultation. Following this conversation, North Node Consulting will provide a customized proposal that aligns with your specific needs, budget, and timeline.  While each package is customized for the client, some examples of past engagements are below.

Leadership & Personal Development:

  • Astrology & The Workplace
  • Spiritual Leadership
  • HELP is a four-letter word
    • How to empower strong-willed, stubborn leaders to grow their influence by doing something so seemingly simple, yet so difficult: asking for help

Business Consulting:

  • Team development
  • The Brainstorm Boost
  • How to inject creativity into brainstorming sessions
  • Live ideation session: brainstorm around a specific issue or product
  • Core values and brand filters development
  • Goal setting + accountability
  • Business strategy
  • Recession planning
  • Crisis planning
  • Succession planning

Team Building & Culture:

  • Corporate meditation and mindfulness 
  • Team-bonding workshops designed to improve communication and connection
  • Personal + professional goal setting exercises
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1:1 Coaching

As individuals, we are our own best teacher. This means it is up to us personally to resolve our inner conflicts. It is a personal journey only you can achieve, and fortunately, we all have a blueprint to our own success. Using tools such from ancient wisdom such as astrology, human design or the Enneagram, combined with our real-life, practical business experience, we work with leaders in a 1:1 setting to act as a conduit in helping YOU help YOURSELF evolve.

  • Career transitions
  • Leadership
  • Business timing (the practical and emotional side of growing and exiting a company)
  • Personal + professional goals/accountability
North Node Consulting

Retreat Facilitation

We work with boards, leadership teams and business forums to facilitate intentional retreats with highly interactive exercises that engage and align teams. We understand the emotional side of business ownership and strive to help leaders find their “why” to thrive, and Lauren’s experience as both an EO member company and an EO-certified global speaker allows her to cut through the clutter and get to the 5 percent with forums.

Potential topics include:

  • Corporate meditation and mindfulness 
  • Team-bonding workshops designed to improve communication and connection
  • Lifeline workshop (facilitation + discussion)
  • Goal-setting (personal + professional)
North Node Consulting


The leaders at North Node Consulting have graced stages from Nashville, Tennessee to Kyoto, Japan to Barcelona, Spain, sharing messages of grit, grace and perseverance. 

About Lauren:

Lauren is a passionate and engaging speaker who is equally as comfortable presenting in intimate forum settings as she is speaking to an audience of several thousand communications professionals. Whatever the setting, Lauren’s promise is to go beyond the surface level and share the real and raw side of entrepreneurship.

As an Entrepreneurs’ Organization Certified Global Speaker, Lauren has been trained and vetted at the top levels and is sure to inspire and motivate your audience to dig deep. Lauren’s passion for telling businesses unique stories and developing the personal brands of executives shines through in her speaking sessions. Whether she’s sharing industry insights or her personal business ownership journey, her session is sure to inspire and motive your audience to build the best version of their business—and themselves.

Interested in booking Lauren for your EO chapter or forum event? Check out her speaker’s deck here.

About Brad:

“As long as I can remember — even as a little kid — understanding our potential has been a goal of mine.” – Brad Williams

It’s not often you come across a business leader turned astrologer who is also an accomplished marathoner (who happens to be missing a foot), but that’s exactly what you find in Brad. Born with birth defects on his hands and feet, Brad quickly learned how to use that as his superpower, gaining an innate ability to tap into his intuition and read the room. Brad shares his story of hope, optimism and resilience in an engaging and real way, inspiring leaders to embrace the mystery of life and find the growth opportunity within each situation. 

Brad has been tapped for lectures at the Association of Research and Enlightenment, provided workshops on the planetary influences of astrology, and most recently, has been a sought-after speaker on the topic of Astrology in the Workplace.

Speaking | Testimonials

Lauren tackles a subject that all entrepreneurs struggle with in a way that is both relatable and empowering. She gives you easy and actionable steps that anyone can use to change their approach to receiving from your community. 


Nashville Cosmetic Surgery, Owner

Authentic and vulnerable; Lauren’s conversations around life’s pivotal moments were insightful and provided a unique perspective of clarity into events and emotions I believe we all wrestle with at times.


ST8MNT, Owner

I grew up thinking ‘help’ was a four-letter word. 

My grandmother taught me to be a strong person first, a strong woman second. As a maritime welder during WWII, she proved that she could do a man’s job – anyone’s job. She was strong. She was fearless. She got it done and never complained. Her tenacity and leadership taught me that being a woman is a competitive advantage, not a barrier of entry. When we’re expected to underachieve, we overachieve. When expected to fail, we prevail. We do it ourselves. We don’t need others to help us be strong. We don’t ask for help. 

Fast forward to hearing Lauren Reed’s speech, I realized… I’ve got it all wrong. Asking for help is the key to being fearless. It’s hard – but hard is good. It’s what builds leadership and achievement. I realized that asking for help empowers others and builds a sense of togetherness. As my grandmother taught me through her lens in a different age and time, today, Lauren gives us permission to simply ask. It’s THE sign of strength. Brilliant. 

I highly recommend you hear Lauren’s story and the valuable lessons she has learned by simply asking for help. This could be the next accelerator in achieving your personal and business goals. 


Founder of TwinEngine, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Author & Board Director

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