Brad Williams

Meet Brad

From serving as a network engineer at Langley Air Force Base to acting as an outsourced CEO of a yoga company in Virginia, Brad’s deep and varied experience instilled in him what ultimately created North Node Consulting: a deep desire to do work that aligns with our ultimate soul purpose.

After beginning his career in the tech world, quickly moving up the ranks in positions at SB Ballard Construction and Datamaxx, Brad honed his sales skills at Atkinson Realty, earning the Rookie of the Year Award, followed by two years of the Bronze Level Sales Award, but even with that success, still felt that there must be something more.  

Brad innately knows how to connect with people, and he uses his intuitive gifts to guide individuals and businesses to reach their full potential. A dreamer through and through, Brad has always been fascinated by the undercurrents of life, and like any true entrepreneur who self-admittedly had no idea what they were getting themselves into, Brad decided to take the journey toward wholeness as he turned his goal of becoming an Astrological Counselor into reality. 

That was in the summer of 2008, and he has never looked back. Brad shares that his journey has been filled with all kinds of adventures and learning the art of wholeness through all the discussions with clients. It isn’t lost on Brad that his collaboration with his clients also helps find meaning in himself. 

Brad now works with individuals, groups, and business of all sizes to help open the door to whatever stagnates growth — not only within the self but also creatively. But how can we do this when we are so close to the issues — often TOO close to truly see them clearly? Since 1998, Brad has used astrology as the tool for this deep and often vulnerable level of self-understanding. 

“Astrology helps us understand those blind spots,” says Brad. “It speaks to us personally and It encourages us to move past our self-imposed limitations by having more direct access to the source of those so-called limitations.”

Brad marries his intuition with his business experience to provide what he describes as a path home that aligns an individual’s work with their soul purpose. 

“The North Node is like what the North Star was to sailors in that it leads us home,” explains Brad. “There will be choppy waters along the way. The route might seem foreign and unfamiliar, but when we follow the path of our North Node, we will always find our way back home.”

In ancient astrology, the North Node, also called the “true node,” represents the individual spiritual purpose you are meant to fulfill.

We believe in alignment between your soul purpose and life’s work, and are here to help you get there.

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