North Node Consulting

Core Values

At North Node Consulting, we strive every day to live by the following values:

Be a lifelong learner.

We believe that iron sharpens iron and complacency is the enemy. We are curious, proactive participants in our life, embracing innovation and looking at every obstacle as an opportunity to grow, even if it means failing forward.

Practice gratitude.

Unlock the fullness of life through a daily gratitude practice.

Be disciplined.

A goal without a daily plan of action is merely a wish, and as we walk alongside our clients who are setting big goals and making it happen, we pledge to be right there with you as a model of discipline and grit.

Always act with integrity.

Do the right thing, even if it is uncomfortable. Approach every decision with personal responsibility, and take action based on what is right for the whole.   

Provide clarity. 

To be clear is kind, and with us, what you see is what you get. We believe in clarity in scope, billing, and communication. 

Embrace the mystery of life.

We show up for our life and realize that our circumstances are happening for us, not to us, and it is our job to find the growth opportunity within each situation.

At North Node Consulting, we work with entrepreneurs and CEOs to create, engage and retain conscious leaders.

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