If there’s one thing I’ve always held close to my heart, it’s the cosmic wisdom that guides our existence. I’ve been fortunate to have Steven Forrest as a mentor, someone whose teachings have illuminated many a dark corner in my journey. So, when Ralph MacIntyre announced a workshop right in the heart of Borrego Springs, California, there wasn’t a second of hesitation. Off I went — and I even convinced the family to tag along!

Lately, my compass has been pointing towards the corporate and entrepreneurial world. While the business sky has its own set of constellations, there’s nothing quite like reconnecting with fellow stargazers and diving deep into our trade.

Here are some stellar insights I picked up, which I promise to unpack in more detail in upcoming newsletters:

  • Stan Posey’s Enlightening Session: Ever wondered how the Fixed Stars and Galactic Center play into our lives? Stan Posey unraveled this mystery, emphasizing their crucial role in our charts and they can help guide our understanding of our spiritual pursuits. It’s not just about our earthly path, but understanding our spiritual destinations, and truly connecting to the source. For those eager to explore this further, check out Stan’s work at
  • Mars, More than Just a Red Dot in the Sky: Lynn Bell painted Mars in a different hue, highlighting its attributes not just as a warrior planet, but as one that significantly influences relationships. Dive deeper into this and more on Lynn’s platform at
  • Astrology and the Body’s Tales: Cameron Allen took us on a journey where stars meet the body. He discussed the fascinating relationship between Astrology and psychosomatic aspects. If you’ve ever felt a celestial pull towards understanding how the stars affect our physical realm, Cameron’s insights at are a must-read.

I’ve returned to Nashville with a treasure trove of cosmic knowledge, and I can’t wait to share these gems with all of you. Until then, keep gazing upwards and inwards.✨