How does an employee navigate change? How do they best receive feedback? What are their core motivations at work? 

Personality assessments for personal growth and team development are no stranger to the workplace. Business owners have long used tools such as the DiSC profile or the Enneagram to build and enhance teams. 

And now, as the workforce evolves, companies are increasingly turning to what might possibly be the original strengths-based assessment – your natal chart. 

Information in the birth chart can help you promote productivity by understanding the dynamics of communication, values, and drive that are specific to each person. 


Your workforce is the heart of your business, and most entrepreneurs agree that culture and employee satisfaction is critical. The “Great Resignation,” combined with the booming virtual workforce, has given the truly talented more options than ever. 

So, how do you motivate employees to stay in a competitive job market? The first step is understanding that every individual has different core motivations, which can be identified through their natal chart. Most of us desire more from our work – we want meaning, and to feel we are contributing to a greater mission. 


While I believe that astrology can help any organization, I have found that my services work best when the majority of the team involved has both a willingness to learn and understand astrology, and a desire for personal development. 

While astrology is much more mainstream these days, I was an astrologer before astrology was cool, so believe me, I realize that not everyone is in touch with this tool. My sessions work best for those who are curious and open. Do I expect everyone to be fully bought in? Well, no, that would be crazy. I still remember my skepticism when introduced to the Enneagram. I’m a Virgo and had to pick it apart before I could fully get on board. I’m also an Enneagram #5 – go figure. 

While it is very helpful for each employee to know their exact birth time and location, there is still plenty of information that can be shared and utilized without it. I have crafted my work to find a balance between science and spirituality. Using a grounded approach, I am able to meet people where they are on their spiritual journey. 


Realizing there is no one-size-fits-all approach to company culture, North Node Consulting offers a la carte and package options to allow each organization to customize a program that meets their individual leadership training needs. This typically falls under three buckets: leadership development, team-building, or one-on-one consulting. 

Integrating astrology into your business shows a sincere appreciation for creativity, innovation, and personal development while offering a nontraditional employee benefit.