Recently, Saturn entered Pisces, creating an ideal time for personal growth. 

What does this mean for the world?

First, let’s discuss Saturn. In our dualistic world, Saturn represents order and conservatism, while Uranus represents chaos and liberalism. When one aspect of our dualistic nature is out of balance, one of these two planets will restore balance.

When using Saturn’s energy, it is essential to view it through the lens of integrity, hard work, duty, and personal responsibility. When lacking these traits in certain areas of life, Saturn can feel like a 50-pound weight vest when running a 100-meter sprint. Saturn teaches us that it’s not about taking off the vest, but about integrating it and using it. By slowing down and embracing resistance, we become stronger. Saturn can show us how to pivot and pay attention to things we may not see clearly.

There might not be another planet that’s as black and white as Saturn. You know the great quote from Yoda? 

“Do, or do not. There is no try.” Saturn is about doing the damn thing and seeing it through. 

Saturn is the great reality keeper, unlike Pisces, which has watery, esoteric energy that seeks a utopia. Pisces is compassionate and understands that we are all connected but different. When Pisces only sees the world from a utopian lens, it can be debilitating. Pisces energy is all about faith but not dogma. It makes room for differences and is at peace without an ideological rigid perspective.

With Saturn entering Pisces, there is an opportunity to ground our intuitive qualities in ritual and not let them overwhelm us in emotional miscalculations. By creating structure around our spiritual intuitive gifts and creating a sincere practice, we can use this time wisely. We can decide or accept what our intuitive spiritual gifts are and connect with them deeply.

For example, if you have been working in the corporate world for 20 years and learning guitar on the side for the last 10 years, you might see that your guitar playing connects more with your soul. By focusing on what this means for you, you may quit your corporate job and pursue music full-time. Alternatively, if you’re a public-school teacher feeling overwhelmed, creating a dedicated meditation ritual before and after school may help you connect with students and find creative solutions.

In summary, use this time to create discipline around your mental and spiritual self-care, and let Saturn create building blocks for a more meaningful and fulfilling life.